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Welcome to Poten Business Development.

The Consultancy company focused on helping Business to Grow and Develop.

Poten Business Development is based at the heart of the East Midlands in Nottingham. As a Business Consultancy we are focused on the areas that help Business to Grow and Develop. To do this we focus on just four core areas.

Business Development

We concentrate on the areas that make a business develop and grow, from strategy to skills, product development, cost reduction or process improvement. With over 20 years experience in business building we can help you focus on the issues that will improve, develop and grow your business.

Industrial and B2B Marketing

Getting your message heard has never been more difficult and the pace of change is not going to slow down. Are you sure you are being seen and heard as much as you could be? Are you sure your Sales and Marketing spend is being used to maximum effect? Are you happy with you return? Poten Business Development can help you maximise the benefit of your marketing activity and probably cut the amount of money you spend in the process.

Training and Coaching Solutions

Business needs People and People need skills and if your business is going to grow your people will need new skills. Our team of professional trainers can offer training designed to make the most of your budget and ensure your People have the skills they need and to complement this we offer coaching specifically aimed at helping to put these skills into action.

Business Start Up.

This service is designed for overseas businesses that would like to establish a UK presence. You might just want a market survey, or a distributor and if you want to establish a direct operation we can help avoid the pitfalls, make it easy for you and even help access potential sources of financial assistance.

Poten Business Development.
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