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Business Development


The aim of Poten Business Development is to help you move your Business to the next level, we can do this by examining your business and environment and giving you recommendations and an action plan to start the development process, or if you need more direct assistance we can do the job for you.


If you think about what is needed to move your business to the next level could you use some temporary expertise in any of the following areas


New Product development

We can help you identify what your customers and market require or we can identify new markets for your existing products. We then provide assistance to make the ideas a reality and help you get the products to market.

Strategy definition and implementation

Poten Business Development can help you define a growth strategy and a plan to achieve the changes needed to implement your development strategy. With longer term assistance we will monitor performance to plan and help you keep on track as well as identify changes when needed.

Process improvement

How you conduct the running of your business could determine if you or your competitor flourish. Doing the important things really well will define your business in the market place. Poten Business Development can identify what’s really important to your success and help you focus on outstanding achievement in those areas

Cost reduction

Reduce waste, eliminate unnecessary or duplicated tasks, buy better, use less and optimise your business process, all these will reduce cost. As an observer we find cost down opportunities that those working directly in a particular business environment fail to recognise, until we point it out that is.

Customer Service improvements

Are your customers delighted, or do you sometimes have a love – hate relationship. Proven beyond doubt – Companies that do Customer Service well have fewer returns, less complaints, better cash flow, more repeat purchases and better motivated and committed employees. We will provide a step by step plan to achieving better customer service, we will train your staff, monitor performance and give feedback.


It costs nothing to talk, if you think we may be able to help you telephone or email us today.


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